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Conner Bradley

BCS, MCS Student, Computer Science Researcher

Hello! Welcome to my academic homepage. I am a Master's of Computer Science student under the supervision of David Barrera

Research Interests

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Embedded Systems

I am quite passionate about developing software on resource-constrained embedded systems. Most software written on embedded systems tends to be written in C; however, I believe that the memory safety guarantees of Rust provides an attractive solution for the next-generation of embedded systems software.

Operating Systems

One of the largest problems with modern day operating systems is their monolithic nature. I am particularly interested in OSes with a microkernel design, although these are esoteric and have not seen wide adoption, microkernels are (in my opinion) the more secure architecture for operating systems.

Internet of Things

In recent years, the large movement of small internet-connected devices have brought up some new interesting security problems. I am particularly interested in secure IoT operating systems, and secure ecosystems of IoT devices.

Secure Hypervisors

Secure hypervisors are more than just a technology to run a VM on, one way of providing isolation to various components of a monolithic system is through virtualization; however, providing strong security mechanisms in a hypervisor is no easy task.

Data Science

Data science is no longer a current research interest of mine, in my undergrad I wrote a honours thesis Extending Heterogeneous Recommenders Beyond First-Party Datasets. I still plan on learning about data science; however, I see it as a means to an end.

Past Research

Title Authors Date Link Status BibTex
Poster: Improving Legacy IoT Device Security through Open-Source Intervention Conner Bradley, David Barrera February 2023 Poster session at NDSS 2023
Toward Identification and Characterization of IoT Software Update Practices Awarded best paper runner-up Conner Bradley, David Barrera September 2022 Accepted for publication at FPS 2022
Extending Heterogeneous Recommenders Beyond First-Party Datasets Conner Bradley April 2021 Undergraduate honours thesis


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