This project is my attempt at writing a LaTeX document class that conforms to Carleton Universities thesis formatting requirements. There are a few existing implementations (for example, this one by Babak Esfandiari that I largely based this implementation off of) of a thesis template for Carleton Students, but they either fail to integrate nicely with existing LaTeX classes, or they clash with certain LaTeX packages, or they fail to meet Carleton’s formatting guidelines.

This package offers:

  • Simple usage, generating all the required pages (title, abstract, list of figures, etc) is done with a single command.
  • Direct integration with LaTeX’s book class, and optionally KOMA-script’s scrbook
  • Implementation as a LaTeX document class, not a package, not a strange .tex file that clashes with other packages.
  • PDF/A generation for final submission.
  • Open source, if you want to contribute and improve the document class you are more than welcome to!
  • Some more features are planned, those are coming soon 😁

Minimal example:


% Set some info about the thesis and author
\title{Thesis Title}
\author{Author Name}
\date{January 1970}
\thesistype{thesis proposal}
\submittedto{the thesis proposal committee}
\degree{Master of Something}
\program{Degree Program}


    % Create the frontmatter (title page, abstract, toc, etc.)

    \chapter{First Chapter}

For more information, please see the repository on GitHub.